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Hello everyone!

Today's post is a bit different. It's not a 'Style', or 'Travel With Me' post. I actually don't know what it is, but for obvious reasons, I will have to place it under the cheeky 'Food' label.

So it all started when me and my boyfriend couldn't decide on what meal we would have each day of the week...

When you are on a tight schedule, you don't really have time to think about what you will be cooking once you get back from work/your responsibilities. And for many nights, me and my boyfriend would argue over what food we should cook. It would always take us twice as much time to cook, as at least one hour would usually be spent on making that decision!  Y i k e s . One bloody hour I tell ya!!!!!!

Who would even want to argue over what food they want after they've had a hectic day at work FOR A FRIGGIN' HOUR????

You've guessed right; certainly not me or my boyfriend, or ANYONE really???

To stop this, me and my boyfriend would always talk about buying a meal planner, perhaps from a high-end stationary store like Paperchase. Easily said than done, though. We would ALWAYS forget, or be lazy so this actually NEVER happened. Sad story right? I know...

Not to worry though, everything suddenly became better after our visit to the Country Baskets branch in Leeds. We found this little beauty. A weekly planner, with reasonable space for each day for you to be able to plan your meals, work + whole life. Oh, not to mention it's got space for NOTES as well? Cool right? And the best bit... it only cost us 12.99 pounds!

What really made me fall in  l o v e  with this product, though, is the little clip in the notes section. For me, the opportunity to stick on the planner whatever I want, besides sticky notes, was a real deal-breaker. Who doesn't want a personalised weekly planner?! To make this planner look even cuter, I rushed to the nearest Paperchase store, to have a nosey at their amazing 80 pence worth note cards!!!

There were many options to choose from, which made the visit to the store last longer than expected. But once this note card was found, everything slowly started falling into place! As the weekly planner is currently in our kitchen, no other note card could be deemed appropriate than this one; "There is always time for tea & cake." Words to live by, right? As a self-declared tea addict with a love for everything sweet that could possibly exist on this world, these words serve me right. The quote also made my boyfriend laugh. We have a win - win situation here, right guys?

Have you ever had a problem deciding what you want to cook? What do you think of this little gem?

XO Maria

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