Petite girls & culottes: does it work?

"  S H O R T   P E O P L E   P R O B L E M S  :  W H E N   T H E   P E T I T E   S I Z E   I S   S T I L L   T O O   B I G  . . .  "

The culotte trend has been with us for about a year now, and judging by how popular it has become, there is no doubt that it will also find us into 2018's winter, spring and summer collections.

Now, I'm a petite girl. This means that often, culottes  D O N ' T  work for me.

I have visited several stores and have fallen in love with 100's of culottes, only to find out later on in the fitting room that they're too big, or too long (yes, I'm even talking about petite-labelled collections).

Every time I have left the same stores with nothing but disappointment.

Every time I lost hope.

But, recently, I got to try on a pair of black checked culottes that actually fit me! They're not as tight as I'd like them to be, but, they don't fall off my waist like many others did. It's not labelled petite either. C R A Z Y  right? I guess if you really want something, the universe does help you get it somehow. 

l o v e  culottes. They are versatile and probably the comfiest item of clothing I have ever owned. They are super easy to style, and can be worn throughout the day. I personally prefer to pair culottes with baggy jumpers, or tight turtlenecks (be it a jumper or a simple tee). I like the contrast between a tight top and wide-sleeved trousers. When it comes to shoes, you can actually pair culottes with trainers! But if you're going out for a meal, or somewhere public, and you want to look good, I'd recommend a pair of heeled boots. Always makes a difference. In terms of accessories, I decided to keep it low-key with my amazing Olivia Burton rose gold watch and a few gold rings I got while ago, from H & M.

I chose these particular culottes because of their easy-to-style pattern - black checks. The pattern allows me to style the culottes in several different ways, and each time for a different effect. You can look casual in them, but also very very smart. It's up to you, where you're going, and what items of clothing you have in your wardrobe! It really is that easy.

Just to give you an example  . . .  Last night I chose to style my culottes to feel comfy. We all know how bloated we get after we have demolished delicious, yet unhealthy, foods and drinks. For me, this pair of culottes couldn't be a better way to hide that right-after-food belly!

I styled my culottes with a basic black turtle neck, on top of which I wore an electric blue jumper. In the pictures, you will see that I'm wearing flats, however, I did change to high heeled boots when I went out. The flats were just an easy way for me to walk around the house before we headed out!

Do you love culottes as much as I do? How would you style a pair of black checked culottes?

I'd like to hear  A L L  about it, just leave a comment in the comment section below!

XO Maria 

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