The pointed mule trend

"  A   w o m a n   w i t h   g o o d   s h o e s   i s   n e v e r   u g l y.  ",   
said once a wise woman, whose name happens to be Coco Chanel.

I'm so in  l o v e  with the pointed mule trend. 

If you had asked me to wear a pair of pointed shoes several years ago, I would probably cringe at the thought and give you an awkward smile. 

But, like most people, style also changes through time ... And having said that, I am buying a gorgeous salmon pink pair of flat pointed mules as we speak!!

Pointed mules, whether heeled or flat, can elevate any outfit and of course, can be worn 24/7. They always add a flair of elegance and often reveal a lot about a woman's character.

I personally see pointed shoes as a symbol of independence, confidence and authority in women. 

It follows that women who choose to opt for the pointed mule or pump trend appear to know how to get their sh*t together, and get things done?  D U H H, at least when it comes to fashion anyway.

If you are a self-declared boss-lady , then you probably must try this trend and show everyone what you're made of!

What do you think about the pointed mule trend? Are you willing to give it a try?

XO Maria

P.S. The pair of pointed mules featured in this post, I bought from Office for 20 pounds, last summer. 

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