The striped tee

  "  N e v e r   u n d e r e s t i m a t e   t h e   p o w e r   o f   t h e   p e r f e c t   s t r i p e d   t - s h i r t.  ",
I said before purchasing ANOTHER striped top.

Hi everyone.

If you had a look at the opening quote, surely you know what this post is all about: S T R I P E S .

They come in all colours, but navy blue, dark green, white and burgundy-coloured ones, seem to have stolen the spotlight at the minute.

Nothing is more needed in a woman's closet, than that perfect striped t-shirt/top. It goes with everything. A pair of jeans? Checked. A skirt? Checked. A pinafore dress? Checked! Striped tops are so versatile and so easy to style. They literally are an asset.

You don't have to spend a lot of money either. Places like Primark offer decent quality striped tees for under a fiver! I guess it doesn't matter how much you buy the t-shirt for. All that really matters is how you style it.

Personally, I own two striped tees. One has navy blue stripes and the other one has dark red stripes. Although they are both similar, the stripes differ in width, and this mixes it up a bit. I figured that thinner stripes work better with my style. Thick stripes usually add weight to me, which took a while to realise (and maybe a few wrong purchases?).

I usually style my striped tops with a pair of jeans. Sometimes I go for dark blue jeans and sometimes for black mom jeans. It really is up to you, what you feel comfy in, and what you like! If you are a pinafore dress girl, then just add a striped top underneath and you automatically become 100% more fashionable! It really is that easy.

I also like to wear long cardigans on top to complete my looks and make them more suitable for the day. But if you want to shake things up, then I recommend you add a pair of shiny boots (red or silver) preferably. They will surely give you that extra sparkle that you're after. Statement earrings are also a good way to shake things up with your outfit.

If you want the outfit to be super extra casual, then just add a bobble hat (similar outfit with a different striped tee - pictures below!!)

Do you own a striped top? How do you prefer to style it?

XO Maria

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