Warsaw, Poland

   "  T r a v e l l i n g   i s   a l w a y s   a   g o o d   i d e a.  ",
she whispered while booking flights to Warsaw, Poland . . .

Hello everybody.

Today it's all about  W a r s a w  ,  P o l a n d . I will write about what I did, saw, ate, advise you on what you should do when you get there, and all that kind of jazz . . . If you want to learn more about my time in Warsaw before you actually fly there, then  K E E P   R E A D I N G !

Warsaw is a big city. Consider it like London; busy, vibrant, full of life. There are many ways to commute, on foot, by bike (sometimes that is impossible due to the really low temperatures in autumn / winter), by train, tram and the underground. The first thing that truly amazed me in Warsaw was how cheap everything was compared to other countries I have been to. And honestly as travelling on a budget can be quite disheartening sometimes, the fact that the rates were in my favour, gave me another reason to fall in love with this place. 

D I S C O V E R  T H E  O L D  T O W N  

One of the famously known places in Warsaw, that you MUST visit is the old town, or like the Polish call it - Stare Miasto. Packed with colourful, 19th century massive buildings, the old town is definitely an eye catcher. But the old town is not only rich in history, or architecture. 

It's rich in culture. On this occasion, Polish culture. 

When you go to the old town, you will find many restaurants where you can indulge in the Polish cuisine. There are many options to choose from, all of which come under a cheap price, so practically, you are bound to taste at least one local flavour. When I went, I tried a soup with eggs and sausages in it! It was a very unfamiliar yet pleasant taste, and I certainly don't regret getting myself out there to try it. Yes it was different to what I'd normally eat, but that doesn't mean that it was horrid or anything like that.

When you visit a foreign country, you want to explore every bit of it. It's not just about what you will see . . . it's about what you will hear, touch, taste, smell. Every little experience counts and familiarises you even more with what you perceive as alien. And I guess that's what I love about travelling!

V I S I T   L O C A L   M A R K E T S

You cannot visit a country and not notice all the street-food; in this case, local markets!

Food is a topic very close to my heart, so ignoring food stalls when I find them is not something that I usually do. In Poland I happened to find myself across many markets, especially when I was about to get the underground. You find little shops in bulk, shops that don't even go together: little clothing shops next to food shops, lingerie shops next to flower shops etc.

But, the best markets will be found in open-air places. Take, for example, the image below. I happened to wander around a park and came across this stall with nuts and dry fruit nibbles. It all looked so healthy, and colourful that I couldn't just walk away and ignore it. With a little help from my phone, I got to get this cheeky picture below, along with a bag full of fresh raisins!

This next photo I have taken off a place that had massive flower stalls. I'm not a flower expert, but I do like flowers. They are colourful, and can brighten up any day and space. The fact that I got to see many bouquets in bulk made me feel a little bit overwhelmed. The greenery screams nothing but healthy and full of life. I suppose that is something I could describe Warsaw as too.

I was very intrigued once when I went shopping in this massive shopping mall. Being in a place for hours can get you hungry, and I honestly couldn't wait to see what food malls tend to offer in Warsaw. Everything looked familiar: McDonald's, Burger King, KFC.

Yet I wanted something different. And this food stall with sushi immediately caught my attention.

Me and my friend both grabbed one piece of sushi each, and sat indoors. It wasn't long until we demolished it. I can still remember how good they were!

C O N N E C T   W I T H   N A T U R E

Lastly, if you ever visit Warsaw, or Poland in general, you HAVE to make the effort and connect with all the greenery and all the non-human life around you.

Go to parks, like ┼üazienki. Feed the ducks, watch the squirrels hop on trees while searching for food, look at the captivating peacocks showing off their feathers, reminding every single tourist how beautiful mother nature is. Switch off your notifications. Grab your phone only when you need to take pictures of the scenery, the blue sky, and every living animal surrounding you.

Give yourself some time to enjoy the views and relax with a drink or two (alcohol is SO cheap, buy it but don't overdo it), before you return to your daily routine and to a place where everything is familiar to you.


Have you ever been to Warsaw, Poland? What are your thoughts + what have you done there during your stay?

I'd love to know  A L L  about it, just leave me a comment in the comment box below!

XO Maria

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