Christmas with Paperchase

Hi everyone.

The past few weeks have been super busy for me. I have finally stopped working for retail. I have visited Portsmouth and London, and have walked my feet off whilst being there. But it's all good - I've had a fab time, no regrets.

One door is now closed, and another opens as I am starting a new job soon! This leaves me both excited and nervous. The fact that I need to immerse myself in a new company, and a whole new culture is something I really look forward to, and as every new start can be harsh, I have my worries too. But let's try and keep this post positive + why not a bit festive.

And what's more positive + festive than . . . C  H  R  I  S  T  M  A  S.

It's the 6th of December already and I'm not going to lie I have started to panic a little bit here. All my family and friends live abroad and I've been SO unorganised when it comes to Christmas shopping this year. I have no option now than order everything online, and the clock is ticking tick-tock, tick-tock. The following week is going to be a nightmare, considering that I am left with the tough job to choose what to get for each and every family member of mine. Wish me luck!

I am happy I managed to buy some wrapping paper though. Oh and some ribbons. Cards too. And some cheeky postcards which I'm keeping for myself because they're just so damn funny + Christmassy. 

Christmas shopping can be so much fun! The part I enjoy most is finding cute wrapping paper / gift packaging + cards, to match each person's personality. Presentation is important when it comes to giving gifts and this is why I choose to talk about what I bought from Paperchase and why I bought it.

So let's start with some wrapping paper. About two weeks ago I walked into the nearest Paperchase and nearly cried when I saw the 3 for 2 offer. I thought it was the ideal time to purchase some Christmas bits and bobs, without having to spend a fortune. It was still November but I couldn't resist. So I've picked up three different roll wraps. One is gold, with nutcrackers. The other is white, but it looked so English that I couldn't leave it behind. And the last one is craft brown, with some Christmassy characters (I'm pretty sure it was a kids one, but it was so cute + so to the point that I thought YES, it's got to go in my basket). 

Wrapping paper checked off my shopping list, and only cost me 8.75 pounds.

When you buy wrapping paper of any sort you MUST get the matching gift tag. End of. No you don't have to really (forgive my absoluteness earlier), but if you're a perfectionist and all in for the looks, then buying the matching gift tag is essential. No second thoughts. I didn't buy all the matching sets though. I thought that the character set would fit with both the kids characters roll wrap as well as the English characters one, so I saved myself 2 pounds and paid 4 pounds instead of 6 pounds. That 2 pounds I saved though went to something else : ribbons! Who doesn't love a nicely wrapped present? If your answer was not me then you are probably lying + you know it. As it's Christmas, I chose to stick with 2 red + 1 gold ribbons. I believe each cost me about 1.75 pounds. And I'm a 100% sure that the ribbons will make each present look 100 times prettier. I honestly cannot wait to wrap everything up!!!  

Next I will show you a few of the cards that I bought and will give you an insight into why I bought these. But I'm sure when you see each card, you will know the answer to all these questions yourself. 

This card I found lying on a stand and I thought it would be perfect for someone I know who likes sports and enjoys exercising. Now we all know that Christmas is a holiday that comes with lots of food and that exercise doesn't really fit with what's going on. So I thought that this card would be a great way to say Merry Christmas. Plus, I'm sure the receiver will get my banter. 

Now this card and the reason why I got it is self-explanatory. It's for my lovely boyfriend, who never fails to amaze me and supports me in every way possible. This card is so minimal I'm sure it'll get the message across without me having to say much in it. And that's why I had to pick it up!

I am a massive animal lover. This means that all pets in my house have a say + this little card pretty much proves this. I know cats can't talk, but if they did, this is probably what they'd say at Christmas. Thanks Paperchase for giving our little four-legged friends a voice + for making such entertaining cards. 

Finally, like I said at the start of this post, I came across some very funny + true af postcards which I couldn't just abandon. 

Food is my favourite thing, especially at Christmas!

I love dogs, so this one had to be bought.

How cute are these penguins + gold polka dots????????

Let the Christmas spirits settle in.

This is the end of my little trip to Paperchase, but only the beginning of my Christmas shopping!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Let me know in the comment box below!

Maria XO


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