Hello everyone.

Welcome to my third - and shall I say final? - attempt at blogging! *long pause*

My passion for writing, combined with my   l  o  v  e   for clothes, travel and food, are the main reasons why I want to remain an active member in the blogosphere & the online world in general.

I like to waffle about things, so please don't be intimidated when I do so on this blog, or any of my social media.

At an age where staying in is more fun than going out, I promise you that this blog will be 100% active, with new posts coming out every week to keep each and everyone of you entertained + above all, happy.

I may not be the top blogger you are used to being subscribed to, but I can offer realness and a bit of style, travel, and food along the way.

Thanks for making the effort to read my About page.

XO Maria

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